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“Quick Facts” – UL Listed CO Monitors … Are you really protected?

It’s confusing trying to understand the differences and effectiveness of Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms readily available in the retail market, all bearing a “standards” listing symbol meant to impress you that what you’re buying will keep your family safe and healthy. But to the consumer who educates themselves as to what these standards imposed by the manufacturing industry really mean, it becomes clear that the limitations are not strictly arrived…

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Best Placement for CO Detectors

Did you know that each fuel-burning appliance in our homes (including gas furnaces) produces some levels of carbon monoxide? Normally these gasses are carried out of our homes, but if something goes wrong a CO leak can be life-threatening. That's why it's so important to have carbon monoxide detectors to help warn you of excess CO in your air. With the cold winter months upon us and homes shut up tightly and furnaces on…

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Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Northwestern Indiana

Grandmother dead, 5-year-old critical after carbon monoxide poisoning Chicago Tribune Dec 21, 2017 Over the years, Tina Hoskins loved to trade recipes and was often seen barbecuing in her backyard. She was a kind, welcoming woman and a great cook who would often bring over food, such as her potato salad, neighbor Renae Jackson said. In return, Jackson's husband would cut her grass or clear snow off her driveway. "We always did things…

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