Why we’re Unique


We recognize the reason you’re searching for a “Low Level” Carbon Monoxide Health monitor. In most cases it’s because you have a specific concern regarding the short or long-term effects even lower levels of CO can have to your health, and you’ve done some research to find a reliable and “accurate” product. We can help.

CO EXPERTS Carbon Monoxide Health monitors are different than comparable products available to consumers. We focus on accuracy in low level readings, which is why we limit our display range to between 5PPM and 50PPM, rather than claiming accuracy up to 500PPM or 1000PPM as some competitors do. You’re looking for accurate “Low Level” alerts, and you want it in seconds, not minutes or hours.


The technical explanation to our accuracy is that all alarms and monitors use digital devices called analog to digital converters (a/d) to measure CO concentrations. A typical a/d converter will measure with a resolution equal to the maximum value divided by 256.

As an example, if an alarm has a maximum display value of 1000 PPM, then the resolution will be 1000/256 or approximately 4 PPM. Usually these same manufacturers will also calibrate their alarms at higher gas concentrations, but this then tends to make them less accurate at the low concentrations at which they claim to measure and alarm.  For alarms using this process, a CO gas concentration could easily be off by +/-10 PPM.  This means that for an actual gas concentration of 15 PPM, it might be displayed as 25 PPM, or it might not display anything at all.

By contrast, CO EXPERTS Monitors will only display up to 50 PPM.  So using the same a/d converter as above, the resolution will be 50/256 or approximately 0.2 PPM. Additionally, all CO EXPERTS units are calibrated at 3 separate low level test points, and then reconfirmed at these levels in our quality control process prior to packaging to ensure accuracy.

It’s also important to stress that the key purpose of a “Low Level” Carbon Monoxide monitor is to as accurately as possible alert the homeowner of a potential issue well before a serious situation can develop. A Digital display value exceeding 50 PPM, specifically claims of 500 PPM – 1000 PPM can certainly be considered somewhat redundant in such a product.

Key advantages include:


  • We employ the same electrochemical sensor technology found in professional carbon monoxide analyzers used by First Responders and HVAC Technicians, often costing thousands of dollars.
  • Our Monitors are simply more accurate than anything comparable, to within 1 ppm across the display range.
  • Our monitors are all calibrated at 3 different “Low Level” CO gas concentrations, and are tested and certified for display accuracy at 3 different “Low Levels”.
  • CO EXPERTS start to display carbon monoxide levels as low as 7 PPM (for the Model 2016) and as low as 5 PPM for the PG-2017R.
  • Your choice of low audible alarm points available. 5, 10 or 25 PPM depending on the model, and your specific needs.
  • Our units have a manual and automatic “SILENCE” function, designed to retain battery strength in the event of an alarm when no one is home.
  • Audible Alarm signals that increase in urgency with rising CO levels.
    • 4 beep alarm pattern repeats 1 per min at lowest alarm threshold
    • Alarm pattern repeats 1 per 30 seconds at 35 PPM
    • Crisis alarm – pattern repeats 1 per 20 seconds at 50 PPM
  • Feature a convenient design for either wall mount, table top or portable use.