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The Leader in Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide Health Monitors

Advantages of CO EXPERTS Health Monitors

  • Employ the same electrochemical sensor technology found in professional carbon monoxide analyzers costing hundreds, or thousands of dollars.
  • Our monitors are calibrated at 3 different “Low Level” CO gas concentrations and are tested for display accuracy at 3 different “Low Levels”.
  • Start to display carbon monoxide levels as low as 7 PPM (for the Model 2016) and as low as 5 PPM for the PG-2017R.
  • Have low audible alarm points (5, 10 or 25 PPM depending on model)
  • Have a manual and automatic “SILENCE” function
  • Audible Alarm signals increase in urgency with rising CO levels.
    • 4 beep alarm pattern repeats 1 per min at lowest alarm threshold
    • Alarm pattern repeats 1 per 30 seconds at 35 PPM
    • Crisis alarm – pattern repeats 1 per 20 seconds at 50 PPM
  • Are accurate to within 1 ppm across the display range.
  • Feature a convenient design for either wall mount, table top or portable use.